Water Coolers With A Difference

Capital Water Services offers complete and fully tailored drinking water solutions for organisations of all types and sizes.

If you’re looking for a water cooler system, you’re in the right place. Because, at Capital Water Services, we’re recognised as one of the industry’s leading suppliers of water coolers and boilers, offering a complete service, from initial consultation and advice through to installation and maintenance.

  • Never run out of fresh, filtered water
  • A fraction of the cost of bottled systems
  • No storage or restocking of bottles
  • No bottle changing or disposal
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fully compliant with all relevant environmental and health legislation
  • Robust and stylish

Complete Solutions


From specification to installation & maintenance, we support you in sourcing the right drinking water solution.

Highly Trained Staff


Our consultants and installers are fully trained to ensure every installation meets all relevant requirements.

Elegant Design


Sophisticated and stylish, our drinking water solutions are designed to blend with any interior environment.

Quality Machines


All our solutions are based on the most advanced, feature-rich, robust and reliable products currently available.

Drinking Water Solutions With A Difference

At Capital Water Coolers, we supply and install hot and cold drinking water systems that offer major benefits in terms of running costs, easy maintenance and carbon footprint. This site explains how our plumbed-in solutions deliver these benefits. Simply click the links to see why and how you will gain by working with us.

When you use one of our systems, you’ll never run out of great-tasting, freshly filtered water. That’s because our water cooler dispensers and water boilers are plumbed-in, using the most advanced filter technology to ensure you have water you’ll love, whenever you want it.

But the benefits don’t stop there. The running costs of our plumbed-in water dispensing systems are just a fraction of tradition bottled water systems, and – with no necessity to store and replace bottles, and with a minimal servicing requirement – they make your life easy, too.

Our drinking water dispensers are suitable for almost any environment, from shops and offices to hospitals and schools. We use only the highest-quality products from leading manufacturers, and our service is friendly and professional. Our fully-qualified staff are always on-hand to advise and help, if needed.

This site explains in detail how you’ll benefit from using one of our mains-fed drinking water dispensers, and why they offer significant advantages over bottled systems in terms of running costs, easy maintenance and carbon footprint.  If you’d like to talk to us about your own drinking water requirements, simply call us – our experts will be glad to help.

B5 Chilled, Ambient & Hot Water Dispenser


The B5 range straddles the line between high-end functionality and ultramodern design. The unique design will bring sophistication…

Borg & Overstorm
Floor Standing Dispenser


This superb office water cooler has a sleek, clean and sophisticated design that blends perfectly with most office environments.

Instanta CT2000
Hot Water


A powerful countertop water dispenser boiler with autofill that delivers large volumes of hot water over a short period. Ideal for cafes or restaurants.

Jazz 1100
Hot & Cold Water Dispenser


This extremely robust and hard-wearing high-capacity bottleless plumbed in water cooler & heater offers outstanding value for money.

Huge Cost Savings

Bottled water coolers cost on average 30p – 40p per litre, compared to just a few pence per litre using a mains cooler.

You can provide quality drinking water at a known fixed cost, whatever the weather and staff numbers.

Water bottles are often left standing at room temperature within offices for several days before being used, which provides an opportunity for bacteria to grow within the bottles. Our advanced filter system will filter tap water to a high level of purity.

Bottled coolers require regular deliveries, involving a vehicle calling at your premises to make a delivery of water – a product you have already on site!

It is now a legal requirement that all coolers follow the sanitation process before an installation can take place.

From the day of installation, our friendly professional team will respond to your needs efficiently & promptly.

  • Filter change and sanitisation every 26 weeks (2 services per annum)
  • All water contact surfaces are sanitised
  • Replacement carbon block filter to ensure maximum water quality
  • 48 hour turn-around for all service call-outs guaranteed

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