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Many water dispensing systems use bottled water which has to be replaced on a regular basis. But such systems can be relatively expensive to run, as well as requiring a way of storing and disposing of the bottles. There’s also a risk that they contain contaminants such as bacteria, drugs or pesticides.


The advantages of plumbed-in water dispensers

At Capital Water Services, we take a different approach to bottled water systems. By using mains-fed water coolers and boilers, we eliminate the need to hold and dispose of bottles, as well as reduce the possibility of contamination and cut carbon footprint. The result is a much cheaper and easier to manage water drinking solution. What’s more, many people prefer the taste of filtered water to bottled water (our filters don’t remove beneficial and healthy minerals in the water).


Dramatic cost savings

Typically costing just a few pence per litre, our mains-fed filtered water coolers and boilers are much more cost-effective to run than bottled systems, which cost an average 30p – 40p per litre. Users of plumbed-in water coolers and boilers can also benefit from being able to supply high-quality drinking water at a known fixed price, whatever the weather, and however many staff on the premises.


Cleaner and simpler

Mains-fed office water coolers offer other advantages over bottled water systems, too. Bottles, for example, are often left standing at room temperature for several days before being used, which gives an opportunity for bacteria to develop in the water. With our plumbed-in coolers, this problem is eliminated at source. If there are any other harmful contaminants in the mains water, they are removed by our advanced filtering system.

  • Never run out of fresh, filtered water
  • No more deliveries to arrange
  • No bottle changing or storage
  • Environmental friendly
  • Fully compliant with all relevant environmental and health legislation
  • Highly cost-efficient
  • Robust and stylish